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Manhattan Skyline

Manhattan Skyline from the Grover Cleveland High School Athletic Fields
Ridgewood, Queens NY (2011)
Canon PowerShot SD870 IS


Cleaning Abe Lincoln

A process that for some reason involved a blow torch.
Union Square Park (2011)
Canon PowerShot SD870 IS



White Point Gardens, Charleston, SC

"Near this spot in the autumn of 1718, Stede Bonnet, notorious "Gentleman Pirate", and twenty nine of his men, captured by Colonel William Rhett, met their just deserts after a trial and charge, famous in American history, by Chief Justice Nicholas Trott. Later nineteen of Richard Worley's crew, captured by Governor Robert Johnson, were also found guilty and hanged. All were buried off White Point Gardens in the marsh beyond low-water mark."
Charleston, SC (2007)
Pentax SuperProgram  |  Kodak TMax 400 (at EI 800)
2007 - Trip to NC, SC, VA and PA